Posted by: joha5 | January 20, 2011

It Keeps Getting Weirder: Paul the Octopus Gets a Permanent Memorial

Paul, the German octopus famous for correctly predicting each of Germany’s 2010 World Cup matches, will got his own permanent memorial three months after his death.

The memorial corner was unveiled earlier today at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen in western Germany.  Dubbed “Paul’s Corner,” the centerpiece of the memorial is – get this! – the octopus oracle’s gold-leaf covered urn containing Paul’s cremated remains.  Paul died aged 2-1/2 on October 26th.

An image of the 'Paul the Octopus Memorial' from the front.

He became an international sensation this summer after he correctly predicted each of Germany’s World Cup matches — including their two losses. Paul also correctly tipped Spain to defeat Netherlands in the final.

During the height of Paul’s popularity, scores of reporters and photographers crowded around the octopus’ tank when he made his predictions. The picks were also broadcast on live television in Germany and across parts of Europe.

The mystic mollusc would foresee the winner of the soccer match by choosing a mussel from two transparent boxes adorned with the competitors’ flags. The mussel from the box that Paul chose was considered his prediction.

An image of the 'Paul the Octopus Memorial' from the back. Notice the urn. RIP San Pablo.

Following the World Cup, marketers seized on Paul’s popularity. The octopus was cast in an advert for a German supermarket and promoted England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup.

An American-produced documentary about Paul is in the works.

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    • I’m not gonna lie. I kinda love it too.

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