Posted by: joha5 | January 14, 2011

The Problem with Palin: Why Liberty and Duplicity Doesn’t Mix

Whether it was controversial on purpose or by accident, Sarah Palin released yet another web video that got everybody talking.  Her now infamous ‘blood libel’ comment was the one that really seemed to stir the pot but she made plenty of other declarations which I thought were just as controversial – if not more so.  

The one that truly stood out to me was when she stated that ‘acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own…They begin and end with the criminals who commit them’.  Palin’s above manifesto is clear: only the individuals who commit a crime should be held responsible for their wrongs. She even goes on to denounce “collectively” holding others responsible for the conduct of criminals. 

This got me thinking about the duplicity that seems to encompass and define Sarah Palin.  If this is truly her philosophy – does anybody really know what she actually stands for? – how in the world could she have opposed the proposed construction of the Muslim Community Center in lower Manhattan?  It seems clear to me that the builders of the Mosque had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorists.  It was the terrorists who committed an act of “monstrous criminality,” not the law-abiding Muslim-American citizens who just wanted to “exercise their first amendment rights,” the exact type of rights she specifically defended in her new video.

Liberty and Duplicity: DO NOT MIX.

Sarah Palin and her cohorts are always willing to engage the public ad nauseam through cable news networks and social media platforms.  Two things seem clear to me after her latest journey through the public sphere.  The first is that she doesn’t have a critical thought in her brain and that her only purpose is to serve as a talking head in order to ‘mobilize’ people who are sympathetic to whatever her cause célèbre is that day.  The second is that Sarah Palin absolutely cannot have it both ways.  It’s either “individual responsibility” meaning that we only punish those who commit the crimes or it is “collective guilt” so we can punish Americans for the wrongs to which they have no connection. Which is it going to be? Or is there an exception to her views based on the race or religion of the American?

There is a larger question at play here.  Why does the media so insanely and frantically follow Sarah Palin and give her the life-blood that she needs to survive?  To me, Sarah Palin is like Lindsay Lohan without the intelligence and much like Lindsay, the media loves to follow Sarah every step as we watch her self-destruct.

Essentially, Palin is one step above a cast member on Jersey Shore  – no offense intended to “The Situation”.  In fact, I think the cast members on Jersey Shore should welcome Sarah to the show because she would make them look smarter. I would love to see Sarah Palin play a game of Scrabble against Snooki.  I’ll give you one guess as to who I am putting my money on.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth a million.

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  1. OUTSTANDING POST! Couldn’t agree more- very well put!

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