Posted by: joha5 | July 22, 2010

David Beckham, Legos, and Living the Impossible Dream

There will be a point in my life when I will look back at this very period and laugh.  I can already see myself in 2040 sitting at a restaurant with some old friends that I haven’t seen since 2010.  We will rehash the good old days and we will regale each other with stories and anecdotes.  Inevitably we will go around the table and talk about life and career progression.  I have no idea what direction I am going in at the moment or the kinds of stories that I will be detailing around this dinner table in 30 years from now.  I am pretty sure it will be good and everything will be revised and clear-cut so it will make sense to everybody around the table…but I will know that my story and my progression – thus far – has been anything but. 

When I am sitting at this dinner table I will almost assuredly depict the events of this summer.  I won’t do it because of a notable love or hatred for this job, I won’t do it because the kids were exceptionally good or bad, and I won’t do it because it has anything to do with my career (hopefully!).  I will tell the story because I teach a class called ‘Lego Architecture’ and that is priceless.   

I used to love Legos when I was a kid but I never loved them enough to really get into them.  I would get a Lego set for Christmas or for my birthday every other year or something like that.  Whoever got them for me made sure that they wouldn’t be overly complicated either because if I had a really complex model to build I would typically just lose interest and it would find a new home in the closet. 

I don’t know when or why or even how but I believe it was at some point in my collegiate career when Lego seemed to explode everywhere.  Lego stores popped up at malls, advertising revenue was pumped into the product and I saw Lego on TV every time I turned it on.  Lego video games were made for such franchises as Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars, and even Harry Potter.  One thing is for sure about Lego – it is abounding

You know that Lego is abounding when it actually makes the news .  And this is what has happened today.  Lego has made the news.  I’m not making it up.  Perhaps even stranger is the fact that Lego has been mentioned in the same breath as the indomitable David Beckham.  How did this happen you ask?  Well…

…At $300, Lego’s Taj Mahal model replica is considered the biggest and one of the most advanced models developed by Lego Group to date.  Lego Taj Mahal model comprises of 5,922 pieces and is targeted to the most advanced Lego builder.   It is only available for purchase via Legos online store, which is where international football sensation David Beckham picked up his.

In a recent live webchat with fans, Beckham expressed his love for the building blocks saying, if I was not a footballer I would love to be a Lego model builder.

 (NOTE: The irony in this statement is incredible.  My dream job would be to become an internationally renowned celebrity who is revered for my athletic prowess and earn more money than most small countries make in a year.  However, David Beckham’s dream job is to sit around and build Lego models all day long.  Absolutely remarkable.)

Well, following Beckham’s statements expressing his love for the tiny toys and admission that during a recent stay in Italy he occupied his time by building Legos exclusive replica of the Taj Mahal, sales of this particular model rose a whopping 663 percent in one day, said Emma Owen, the spokeswoman for Lego UK.

David Beckham wishes he could be me...seriously. He said it himself.

“As a fan of the product, David Beckham and his family have been invited to tour the Lego headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and contribute new ideas to the Lego Group,” Owen said.

This is where I will make a direct plea to David Beckham and to Lego Headquarters.  To David, I would love to have you come and spend a day with me in class and I would be more than happy to help you construct models all day long.  I will do anything I can to help make your dreams come true.  To Lego Headquarters, give me a job.  I have 6 weeks of experience handling Legos and yelling at children to put the Lego pieces in the correct color bins.  I guarantee you that you won’t find anybody else out there with as much direct Lego management experience as me.  This is because no other Lego teacher exists on the face of the planet.  I am it.  I have reached my peak.  I must admit that it is tough being on top and always having to look over your shoulder to fend off the swaths of people who are coming after my job.  But Lego, should you offer me a job then I would be happy to entertain an offer. 

If not, then I guess I always have a back up plan where David Beckham and I can switch positions to fulfill our lifelong dreams.  It only seems fair, don’t you think? 

Hey David...have your people call my people. We'll do lunch.



  1. I can honestly say I never thought you would have David Beckham’s dream job… well done

  2. David Beckham, Legos, and Living the Impossible Dream « The Odyssey…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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