Posted by: joha5 | July 21, 2010

Dog Says ‘Batman’, World Rejoices!

Once upon a time there was a pug.  His name was Teddy Almond Turtle.  This was an anything-but-average name for an anything-but-average pug.  Teddy Almond Turtle was a rotund and corpulent pug who was more than genial to be around.  While this alone is enough to make the pug exceptional, there was one thing that makes this pug absolutely spectacular – a once in a lifetime pug not to be missed.  What makes this pug so extraordinary?  Just watch this…

This pug says ‘Batman’ when he barks.  I know that this is hard to believe but this video is genuinely 100% real and it makes me extremely happy.  There are several reasons for this.  I absolutely love dogs and I can watch hilarious videos of them on YouTube until the cows come home.  Secondly, I have been a huge Batman fan since I was a child and I am pleased to know that Batman has crossover appeal into the animal kingdom.  Finally, the video is just absolutely hilarious.   

There is just something about videos of animals doing stupid or hilarious things that can really brighten my day like nothing else.  I know that I’m not the only one because there are other geniuses out there who have already been remixing and editing the video to turn it into this sure-t0-be viral masterpiece.  If you thought the first one was hilarious then just get a load of this one…

So there you have it.  It isn’t much but it was enough to put me in a deliriously good mood for the day and I can only hope that it does the same for you too.  I actually have a plethora of astounding and hilarious animal video titles to search on YouTube so I suppose I will have to save those for another day.  However, there is one video in my bag of tricks that I saw in passing one night in college about 7 years ago.  I watched it and I think I probably laughed harder than I had ever laughed before and it wasn’t until the advent of YouTube in 2005 that I could search for it and watch it as often as I pleased.  If Teddy Almond Turtle didn’t tickle your funny bone and if him singing the Batman theme song failed as well, then I absolutely implore and insist that you watch this.  I bring you the most amazing cat in the history of the universe…

Oh my dog

Oh Long John

Oh Long Johnson

Oh Don Piano

Why I eyes ya

All the live long day.




  1. I remember your obsession with dogs – passing a car with a dog’s face hanging out of the window was the only thing that would stop you singing along to the radio….

    • Haha! Thanks for sharing my deepest and darkest secret’s on the internet, James! I don’t know what it is about dogs but they just capture my attention in ways that humans cannot.

  2. But there’s nothing like babies! My favorite YouTube video of all time is this classic:

    • I completely agree with you on babies. Obviously you have seen ‘Charlie bit my finger’…right? I totally forgot about this clip til you sent it now but it is absolutely hilarious! That baby just warms the cockles of my heart.

  3. WHY I EYES YA!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Mr. Piano. I actually really wish I had a friend named Don Piano. I will meet him one day and it will be the most serendipitous occassion.

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