Posted by: joha5 | July 20, 2010

Size Matters?: Living in a 96 Square Foot House

I have had the experience of living in a number of dwellings in my adult life.  I started off sharing a cinderblock dorm room with flourescent lighting in the basement of the oldest building on campus during my first year of college and I ended up in the largest two-person apartment on campus  complete with an island kitchen, two bedrooms, a living room, a small dining area, and even a porch that would rival the size of my backyard in Washington, D.C. now. 

Then I went to London and started all the way at the bottom again by living in a 5 person flat where we all had our own separate and locked bedrooms but a shared kitchen between all of us.  Craving more space and a hint of luxury I moved to central London and lived in an initially nice flat but it was old and after two years of wear and tear it was time to move again.  The last place I lived in London – thus far – was by far the most amazing and nicest apartment I have ever lived in.  It was central, it was new, it was beautiful, and it was mine. 

Since moving in with my mother while working part-time and trying to find a permanent job either here or in London I think the thing that I miss the most is my total independence.  I can’t come home and do what I want to do everyday.  I can’t always watch what I want on television.  I have to live under somebody else’s rules and regulations and I am expected to adhere to their expectation’s rather than set up my own like I always did previously.  This is very tough and it really is the small things that remind me of what it was like to have my own place, set my own schedule, and just live my own life without the hassle of always having to tip-toe around somebody else’s rules. 

Maybe it is because I have been yearning for my own space again or maybe it is because this captures some weird part of my childhood imagination or maybe I am just going crazy but I think this ‘house’ ( would be an amazing place to live.  Seriously.

Okay, I know it’s small.  Very small.  In fact, 96 square feet small.  This is how I know I am starting to become crazy because I actually see more positives than negatives when it comes to living in this house.  It costs less.  It’s portable (if you want it to be).  It would cost you next to nothing to purchase and almost nothing to run.  It would require very little maintenance and upkeep.  Nobody in their right mind would ever break into your house.  There is more storage space than meets the eye.  It would make you get out of the house more and explore the world rather than always vegging out inside at home.  And it helps you keep your life simple, clean, and efficient.  On the negative side, there just isn’t that much space (obviously).  If you are getting it just for the novelty effect then it will surely not last very long once you start living inside because I bet it would become unbearable unless you are totally committed to living in such a manner.  You have to do some things manually that you would in a normal modern house like make sure the water tank is full for water and plumbing.  But that is about all I can think of. 

Then again, maybe I could get a full-time job, have enough money to spend on a down payment for an apartment or a house somewhere, be able to afford all of the bills and utilities for a normal dwelling, and still be able to call it home in spite of the fact that I would inevitably be paying more.   I suppose that this option of a 96 square foot house seems the most feasible out of all of my other options at the moment.  I probably only think it would be amazing in comparison to what I have to work with now but I know that as soon as I spent the money to purchase it that I would resent the decision…or maybe not.  Still, when you don’t know when your luck will change and when hope will finally turn into reality, it is awfully tempting when you see something that could potentially be the first step to fulfilling your eventual dreams…even if it is only 96 square feet of them. 

Home is where the heart (and cramps) is.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was quite enlightening. I too prefer quality over quantity. I have lived in a bigger space as well as a much smaller space with better fittings and I find myself preferring the smaller space. I guess for me it’s more about the privacy and the ownership and living by your own rules.

  2. I totally agree. I just love the idea of owning my own place and being able to do what I want with it. I also like the idea of a small place like that because I could be totally portable (if I wanted) in it. I don’t know how long term it would be for me but I certainly found it fascinating that it exists. Very intriguing indeed!

  3. Size Matters?: Living in a 96 Square Foot House…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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