Posted by: joha5 | June 6, 2010

Hey Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!

So I received some fairly good news this past Friday and it brought a huge amount of relief to me while I continue hunting for permanent employment.  Most recently I have been running the after school program every weekday for 7th and 8th graders and substituting during the day whenever necessary – usually about twice a week – to bring in some money to my bank account.  Summer vacation is only a week and a half away for them which is great for them but awful for my bank account.  Well, the good news is that I found out that I will be teaching some summer classes for 6 weeks full-time this summer.

This will be me this summer for 6 weeks

Ideally, this is not what I want to do.  What I want is a full-time position.  However, going back and teaching during the summer is something that will not only help my bank account, but it will help my sanity.  I taught the class that I will be teaching during the summers while I was in college so I am very familiar with the system, the staff, and I might even remember some of the kids.  I am excited and thankful for the opportunity and I am genuinely looking forward to going back to something that I am so familiar and comfortable with.  The irony is that all I really want is to be challenged, be uncomfortable, and to be presented with obstacles that force me to forge my own path. 

This is not to say that this summer will not be filled with obstacles or challenges.  It will.  But I fear that the six weeks will come and go and then before you know it I will be right back in the same position that I am now – just slightly richer.  Don’t get me wrong.  None of this is bad.  But I just can’t help but want more for myself than to keep relying on what I know and what I have done.  I want to get out there and prove to people my self-worth, my intelligence, my aptitude for work, my skill, and my ability to produce results. 

Then again, who knows?  I will be working with a ton of new people who will only bring about new connections and new friendships.  Each opportunity breeds new opportunities and I truly believe that.  This could end up being the best move I have made in the past 18 months but it certainly won’t be the worst.  If I get nothing else out of teaching this summer, I will gain some more money which leads to freedom and the ability to seize on any opportunity to move should I get a job in D.C, London, New York, San Francisco, wherever.  But really, I know what I am getting myself involved in.  I am getting myself involved in a lot of fun with a lot of very good people and I will be getting paid quite handsomely for it.  Whether this is the opportunity that I have been looking for isn’t the point.  It will become a chapter – albeit a very short one – in my journey on this Odyssey and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.


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